International Desk

Many countries are experiencing a slowing of the economy and/or recession. Persons are finding more and more that more planning is required when spending on goods, services, leisure and medical care. At West Shore we recognize the challenges of finding quality, affordable medical services, particularly when insurance costs are high and sometimes non-existent.

Our regional and international clientele will be able to experience superior medical care at competitive costs combined with our historical warmth, entertainment, and a number of ecological sites unique to Trinidad & Tobago.

Offering ‘bed side to bed side’ service we can arrange:

  • Quotations for services
  • Coordination of benefits for insured patients
  • Scheduling of transportation
  • Air-ambulance and ground ambulance coordination
  • Hotel reservations for loved ones
  • Medical Reports
  • Outgoing Traveler Coordination
  • Referrals to Shopping, Sightseeing & Dining

All enquiries should be directed to our Front Office Manager at (868) 285-5019 ext. 310 or 299-6651.

As the name connotes ‘bed side to bed side’ covers all arrangements required to move you from your bed to our bed at West Shore.

Hotel Reservations for Loved Ones

West Shore Medical is located a short distance from a number of reputable hotels and guest houses. We have built relationships with a number of these and will be happy to assist in making reservations on your behalf.

Medical Reports

Our International Desk will arrange the preparation of medical reports for your stay with us. Reports can be forwarded to your primary physician or insurer as required.

Outgoing Travelers

West Shore Medical is able to arrange the coordination and transportation of patients to hospitals and centres regionally and internationally with minimal strain to the patient and their loved ones.

Referrals to Shopping, Sight Seeing and Dining

Our country’s exchange rate makes it beneficial to travelers looking for a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices. Our beaches are memorable, eco-sites second to none and a restaurant industry influenced by our Dutch, Spanish, French, Indian, Chinese and African ancestry. We will be more than happy to point you in any direction you wish to go!

Scheduling of Transportation

We can arrange transportation to and from the airport and the hospital or hotel as required.

Air-ambulance and ground ambulance coordination

West Shore Medical has built relationships with International and Regional Air-Ambulance providers. We will be happy to co-ordinate this service on your behalf or may refer you to a provider at your request.

We have made a strategic alliance with Archangel Ambulance Services who will provide the ground transportation from the airport to our hospital.

Should you choose to make your air-ambulance arrangements on your own, we require the following information to facilitate pick-up at the airport:

Aircraft Registration #

Flight #

Counter #

Name of Piarco Air Services Liaison