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History and Overview

West Shore Medical was founded by a group of doctors who, as professionals, were worried about the state of healthcare available in Trinidad and Tobago. They saw an urgent need for a medical institution operating with private sector efficiency, but without financial returns being its main driving force, i.e. a compassionate, patient-driven healthcare service, delivered at the most reasonable cost possible.

This vision was realized in January, 2004 when West Shore Medical Private Hospital, the largest, most modern, best equipped, purpose built private hospital in the country commenced operations.

Just minutes from downtown Port of Spain off the westbound lane of the Cocorite highway, nestled at the foothills of the scenic Northern Range and overlooking the serenity of the Gulf of Paria. The location offers a relaxing environment with sea views and beautiful sunsets that help calm and heal. Here you will find state-of-the-art medical services, expert doctors and superb personal attention that provide an affordable healthcare that’s always available when you need it.

West Shore Medical Private Hospital recognizes that by providing modern facilities, professional staff, affordable cost, wide variety of services and procedures makes them a sound healthcare option. As part of our mission, we strive to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible.

It has been the philosophy of the hospital driven by the demands of the clientèle to be a multidisciplinary private hospital. West Shore Medical has invested heavily in the acquisition of new modern equipment and  recognizes the need to partner with several local and international organizations  in order to be up to date with and provide the most modern surgical techniques and technology.

Aside from operating an Intensive Care Unit, Step Down Unit and a Cardiac Care Unit, West Shore is a fully equipped surgical hospital catering to a wide range of procedures such as Gynaecological Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Gastric-Bypass Surgery, Neurosurgery, Laparoscopic Surgery and even Plastic Surgery.

Since partnering with ACI Limited and a well known Cardiologist in 2005, West Shore Medical was able to establish and provide services of a Catherisation Laboratory. This was followed with the introduction of Open Heart Surgery, making West Shore a true Heart Attack Centre.

West Shore completed the country’s first ground-breaking laparoscopic liver cancer surgery. This surgery was performed using Keyhole Techniques and not the old fashioned way of the big incision. Similarly, in conjunction with an internationally recognized Prostate Institute, West Shore Medical completed it’s first laparoscopic prostate surgery.

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Located In Beautiful Trinidad and Tobago

239 Western Main Rd, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago