Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Due to the increasing amount of fraudulent transactions worldwide, we are constrained to implement a policy of non-acceptance of PERSONAL or COMPANY CHEQUES. For your convenience, payments can be made by either CASH, LINX, MANAGER’S CHEQUE (Bank Draft) or VISA/ MASTERCARD credit cards.

Accident & Emergency

When visiting our Accident & Emergency Department, the physician on duty will assess the patient and advise the recommended course of action. An estimated cost of service will be provided to the patient or contact person and services provided with consent. Should the Physician/Specialist determine that health management would require admission to the Floor, your Accident & Emergency invoice must be settled prior to admission.

Deposit Requirements

Medical, CCU and ICU patients are required to pay deposits of $7,000.00, $15,000.00 and $30,000.00 respectively, prior to admission.

Insurance Coverage

For the convenience of our clients, West Shore Medical accepts pre-certified insurance coverage. These arrangements should be made at least two (2) weeks prior to admission, with your insurer advising the hospital in writing of the amount of coverage. Patients should be prepared, however, to make a deposit of at least 20% of the estimated cost of admission.

We ask that you contact our Admissions Department at (868) 622-9878 (option 2) for details on this process.

Within twenty-four hours of admission our Financial Advisor will liaise with your Physician to establish an estimated amount for the services to be rendered.

The Financial Advisor will then communicate to your CONTACT PERSON the estimated amount which must be paid in full. You are required to remain in credit to ensure the continuity of service, and to prevent our Financial Advisor from constantly being in contact with you regarding your balance.

Our Financial Advisor or a Customer Service Representative can be contacted to provide information regarding your bill and any balance/refund due.

If you should have any query regarding our billing, please feel free to contact the Financial Advisor or Admissions Department at (868) 622-9878 extensions 319, 276 or 321.